About Us

Imaging Reality, Inc. is using gaming technology to make 3D medical image viewing in virtual and mixed reality simple and practical. Our custom viewer capitalizes on the promise of virtual reality to increase the value and accessibility of standard 3D medical imaging techniques (MR, CT and PET) for doctors, surgeons, veterinarians, other health care and medical professionals, and their patients. By using the inherent advantages of this technology (immersive viewing, natural interactions and inherent understanding of volume, scale and relative positions), we want to improve health care for humans and animals by making 3D imaging more easily accessible to all concerned.

Founded by a veteran video game and consumer software developer, and a world renowned veterinarian, Imaging Reality was founded in 2017 to develop and commercialize a product that fits into the practice of any medical or veterinary professional interested in improving their use of 3D medical imaging for better patient outcomes.

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